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Report on 2nd In-house YALS seminar: Do You Mind Being Resourceful?

Lingva Language School – Valjevo, 2 December 2006

The seminar was held at Lingva Language School in Valjevo on 2 December 2006. It comprised three parts: Compulsive Interactive Stories presented by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlovic, Keep Up With the Times by Danijela Bojanic and Less is More by Anita Novosel and covered the areas of developing language skills of students from all age groups  by integrating ICT interactive story activities at all YALS/CEFR levels, exploiting different teaching English websites/resource books which focus on teaching idioms to secondary school age group,  and the ideas for teaching activities in which students and teachers are resorted to as resources in situations when no printed materials are available.

The event was attended by 18 teachers from 8 out of 14 YALS schools, who expressed their deep satisfaction at being able to attend the event. Both the seminar content and the seminar organisation were rated excellent by all participants. Some of the specific comments included the following: ˝Great presentations, a lot of new ideas shared with us, and excellent hosts˝, ˝Resourceful presenters, simple and meaningful guidelines, useful hints˝, ˝I find this seminar not only useful, but also very interesting, motivating, creative and challenging˝. As regards suggestions for future YALS seminars, participants stated that ˝We should organise seminars more often because today I learned so many interesting things that I hardly wait to share them with my pupils˝ and ˝because they have great influence on teachers and at the same time on their students˝. Participants would also like to have more ˝multimedia workshops˝, ˝teaching practical aspects of CEF levels˝,  ˝teaching very young learners˝ including ˝introducing grammar to young learners, as well as generally˝, ˝developing speaking skills˝, ˝how to exploit listening materials better˝, and ˝teaching learning strategies at an early age˝.

Participants were asked to share their experiences in some aspects of English language teaching. Teachers with more than one year of teaching practice were naturally more actively involved in the specific activities, while novices were a little bit reluctant in stating their opinions, which shall be overcome with their further participation in future TTD events of this type. There is a lot of positive energy in participants to take part in the next YALS seminar, which will be held at Tom and Emma School in spring 2007.

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