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Animals and Plants

Ants by Aleksandra Pavic and Vesna Mirkovic
Bats by Nikola Milicevic and Jelena Urosevic
Buffalo by Teodora Arsic
Camels by Aca Visic and Milos Pesic
Crocodiles by Marko Acimovic and Nikola Ivanovic
Dolphins by Rada Djuricic and Ivana Rakic
Electric Eels by Stefan Kostic
Elephants by Bojana Tomasevic
Flies by Mina Banovic and Mladen Jankovic
Giraffes by Nikola Jevtic and Vlada Mitrovic
Grasshoppers and Crickets by Tamara Golubovic
Sharks by Kristina Rakic and Marina Mesarovic
Tigers by Marija Jovanovic and Miroslava Jeremic
Cactuses by Mladen Jankovic
Insects by Dusan Dragojlovic
Loch Ness Monster by Nikola Milicevic
Sea Creatures
Seals by Kristina Mijatovic and Predrag Milicevic


Africa by Bojan Pantic
British Customs Crossword
British Customs Cloze
USA by Nenad Spasic
France by Natasa Spasic and Milica Maric
Europe  by Vladimir Cubrovic and Milos Matic
Spain by Sanja Lazic and Nevena Trisic
Czech Republic by Natasa Jovanovic
Greece By Milica Zivojinovic
Italy by Nevena Zivojinovic and Katarina Vucicevic


Samurai by Nemanja Maksimovic
Valjevo Quiz 1 by Jovan Grujic
Valjevo Quiz 2 by Jovan Grujic

Science and Technology

Bicycles and Motorcycles by Katarina Avramovic and Uros Bircanin
Space Exploration Quiz 1 by Chaslav Maksimovic
Space Exploration Quiz 2 by Damjan Cvetkovic
Motor Cars by Vladimir Bajic
Planets by Stefan Lazarevic
Road Vehicles by Aleksandar Todorovic & Igor Martinovic

Society and Culture

Art Quiz by Iva Jeremic
Fashion Quiz by Marija Jankovic
Film Quiz 1 by Maja Isailovic
Film Quiz 2 by Tamara Tanaskovic
General Knowledge Quiz 1 by Igor Bosiljcic
General Knowledge Quiz 2 by Igor Bosiljcic
Music Quiz 1 – Pop and Rock by Filip Bircanin and Sara Vuletic
Music Quiz 2 – The Beatles by Natasha Mihailovic
Belgrade Bits by Aleksandar Visic
Music Quiz 3 - Elvis Presley by Vlajko Mihailovic
Music Quiz 4 - Britney Spears by Katarina Vicentijevic

Sponge Bob Quizzes

These wonderful quizzes were made for you by the teacher Nada Purtic from Žarko Zrenjanin Primary School, Novi Sad
SpongeBob Multiple Choice
SpongeBob Quiz
SpongeBob Match
SpongeBob Mix
SpongeBob Cloze


Tennis by Filip Narancic
Volleyball by Tijana Bozic
Football by Aleksandra Radojicic and Danilo Ristovski

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