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This presentation was given during the ICT Compass workshop in Tiszaf├╝red, Hungary from May 27-31 2003 for teacher trainers from Hungary, Romania and Serbia. The workshop was expertly facilitated by Imre Szabo and its purpose was to agree on a basic set of simple and free-of-charge ICT tools for EFL teachers/learners (from word editing through voice and video recording and editing to animation) involving all the fields of ICT a teacher meets in his/her everyday work, exchange experiences in ICT work in the field of EFL and agree on the future activities.

''Students as Designers of M(ultimedia) Teaching Aids'' covers making of internet questionnaires, interactive quizzes, adding interactivity to students' art work, PowerPoint presentations and popular film presentations, all made by students for other students. It demonstrates a strong motivational impact of placing students in the role of the teacher equipped with the most advanced multimedia tools. It also underscores the importance of creating opportunities for students to demonstrate their capabilities. Through peer evaluation and self-assessment they learn how to modify their work to suit their audiences and thus gain self-confidence which goes beyond the field of foreign language skills.

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