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On 12.10.2002 and on 23.11.2002, LINGVA-Valjevo hosted teachers from schools – members of YALS (Association of Language Schools of Serbia) at its first teacher training seminars.
Integration of the Internet into Lingva courses naturally follows the first CALL attempts introduced in 1995, which included simple gap-fill type exercises assigned within the Word Perfect text processor, as well as a number of dedicated computer programs for verb parts, prepositions and some other vocabulary categories, executed in the Pascal programming language within the DOS operating system. The programs were made by Lingva student Ivan Ljiljak-Vukajlovic, who is now the webmaster of Lingva site. The success of these first CALL attempts among students have encouraged Lingva to develop a system of more versatile and all-pervading use of computer-aided exercises in its classes, and the power of the Internet as an ever-increasing universal record of human wisdom and skills has logically imposed itself as an unavoidable instrument in the professional development of Lingva ESL teachers.

Here is the report of one of the participants:
'The Lingva Language School and Translation Centre organized a seminar in Valjevo, on October 12, 2002. The subject of the seminar was The Integrated Use of Internet in ESL Teaching. It covered all levels of knowledge.

The first part of the seminar presented the use of Internet for young beginners. Pupils are introduced to elementary terms of the English language in an interesting and impressive way, by using Web Dictionaries and Open-end Reading in the course.

The second session of the seminar dealt with young adults and pupils who had already reached the communicational level. Having opened a site, Ps discover information that is necessary for answering questions.

Questions are based on web grammar and vocabulary, a guided search
and interview writing.

At the end, all the participants took part in individual presentations and
role-play. We performed and filmed the covered material, thus showing that the use of Internet has a very authentic and concrete dimension.

Although still rarely applied, this way of ESL teaching is very convenient for young beginners and beginners. It motivates them and gives them a clear insight into their level of knowledge. On the other side, the use of Internet is useful for advanced levels because it integrates all four-language skills.

The sooner it becomes an inseparable part of ESL Teaching, the sooner
will their results be seen.

by Ivana Milisavljevic,
Big Bird English School,

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